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Friday, March 26, 2010

Amys Present

Hi everyone

Im back! Had quite a lot of soul searching to do at the start of this year... What did I want to do with my life, how do get to where I want to be, having a bit of an identity crisis aswell the usual deep and meaningful stuff. I felt bad for neglecting my blog which I do enjoy running but didnt want to come on and be a sour negative nelly so I just thought Id continue hiding in my box until I felt alright to be out in the big wide world once again! Sometimes life doesnt always go as planned and I am a bit of a routinee, schedually, planny type person so when things arent running smoothly I tend to have mini panic attacks and am bit of a pain to be around. So usually I spare the world from me being a whinny cryee idiot! So I just want everyone to know that Ive had my life temper tantrum and really need to get back to the things at hand! One of those being Creating and I kind of lost my Mojo there for a while seriously... I felt like a dryed up piece of parchment left for years with all my colour fading into oblivion. Arrrrrghhhh the unmotivatedness of it all!!! So here I am once more part of the rat race and have come on here after the much needed self assessment to post a couple of pictures of the pressie I gave my dear sister Amy for her birthday in January...

Now this was just a plain ole foot care pack that I got at the shops and I thought it needed a bit of a spruce up. I stamped it with the Leaves a la carte wheel with black stazon and decorated with a bit of so saffron ribbon and hodgepodge hardware all of which are retired  except for the black stazon (hehehe nothing like using the stuff you cant use to demonstrate with) and I was thrilled with the outcome!

Enjoy.... Ps If any of you want to use my own jazzied up words such as...unmotivatedness or schedually feel free....

Jaz xox