Hi and welcome to my blog. This blog is about me as a person,my life, my family,
my Stampin' Up! business and most importantly my personal creative journey. So I hope you enjoy having a look around!!!

About Me

Hi Im Jasmine thanks for visiting my blog. I love all things creative and love nothing better than hanging out in my Stampin Habitat (a place where a person or thing is usually found). Usually my Habitat is a complete and utter mess and I regularly have avalanches of cardstock, ink and embellishments coming down on top of me when Im working - but as I say you cant be creative and neat at the same time! Well I cant anyways! Sometimes when Ive migrated to the kitchen table my lovely husband Peter says "Why arent you doing that in your own room" I just whine and say "Well my habitats too messy and I dont want to clean it up" he just rolls his eyes!!! When Im not to be found in my habitat I am playing with my gorgeous Rottweiler pup Paschar she is the funniest thing we love her to bits always up to mischief I dont know what my budgie Bailey thinks of her but hes already learnt to say her name! Im surprised he hasnt picked up No, stop that, good girl etc....lol. Well I look forward to sharing my creative and personal life with you!!!