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Monday, March 16, 2009

Im SAD because.........

All my stamping supplies are packed away and Im on the MOVE!!!

This will be my last post for a couple of weeks while we are moving house so wish us luck! If you would like to order anything please call me on 0422 029 579 and I will put through a phone order for you.

Believe me this will be a mammoth task. Ive already packed 12 boxes from my stampin habitat alone and I havent even made a DENT!!! Oh me Oh my what am I going to do with me!!! I have some pics to see you through my absence I hope!!!

On Saturday we had a stall at a great little craft fair in Cannington....here we are setting up!

And here is me (in the black) doing an Embossing Demonstration...

It was a pretty good day all in all!!!

And here is some of the things we made for the craft fair!

Some matchy matchy gifts for mothers day

The post it note altered photoframes were a huge hit!!

Well Ill see you in a couple of weeks.....Arrrrghhh No Stamps No Internet Im gonna go insane!

hugs and kisses

Jaz xox


Twila said...

Hey looks like you made some good stuff for your craft fair. Hope it went well. Hope the moving goes well. Congrats on you recruit! How exciting for you. Hurry and unpack so you can get back on here and show us some more great stuff. TFS

June said...

Good luck with your move... it's so much work, but very exciting at the same time. You had some wonderful things for your craft fair and I'm happy to hear that it went well for you. We will see you in a few short weeks, take care!

Burnin' Rubber said...

How fun at the fair! Good luck with the move! Many apologies for not stopping in lately - my loss! I've been missing some great ideas!

Amy J

Sara Mattson-Blume said...

Good luck on the move! That is a challenge!

Looks like your set up was great!

Stephanie said...

great job with the fair. - your things looked great that you made!

Good luck with the move - hope to see you blogging again soon!

Shellie G. said...

I TOTALLY understand what it's like to move. Hope everything went well and you are getting settled in your new home. We are moving in a few weeks... I've packed up almost two dozen boxes housewide and feel like I haven't even begun! You had a really nice setup for the fair. Cute stuff too.

Shellie :-)