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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Im Back!!!

Has anyone seen September? Ive misplaced it! Well what about October anyone? Ive looked and looked but they are no where to be found. Well jokes aside folks. I cant believe its been over 2 months since Ive posted anything.

A lot has happened just a quick run through - September a complete blogging right off just needed a break! But October phew what a month to give you some idea what Ive been up to here is a list.
  • Recurring pinched nerve in my neck (what a pain in the neck)
  • 2nd Wedding Anniversary
  • New addition to our family Paschar (pronounced Parshar) A little bit about her later
  • Puppy Kindy
  • Workshops
  • Stampastacks
  • Classes
  • Perth Stampin' Up! Regional Seminar
  • My mums Birthday
  • My husbands parents coming home from Holland
Just to name a few!!! oh and of course working part time through the whole lot! So now that my hiatus is over and I have a bit more time up my sleeves I hope to get on here a couple of times a month at least with new things Ive been working on.

Just to give you a taste of some creativity here is the card I made my mum for her birthday a cute little retro owl isnt he adorable!!!

and a picture of our gorgeous girl Paschar she is such a sweetie although we are her favourite chew toys at the moment how can you resist this little face.

she was only 8 weeks old here and waiting to be fed!

Well Ill sign off now have to pick my car up from the mechanics!

Jaz xox


Michelle Scott said...

Hey Jaz!
Great to see you back! Have missed your posting! Sounds like you have had a very very busy couple of months. Look forward to hearing more soon!

Chanda Stehlik said...

Awwwwwwwww, she's soooo cute! Love that little face! Adding Jazzy Stamper to my bookmarks! Love your site!

chanda stehlik