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Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Look!!!

Well happy midnight everyone....

I am pleased to present my new look blog. I haven't been happy with the look of my blog for a long time and was cruising around the net earlier this year and found an awesome website run by the fabulous Michelle Laycock. (click on her name to see her website)I was really impressed with what I saw and knew that I needed to get in contact with Michelle and get her to save my blog! I showed her what style I was after and we emailed back and forth till she came up with what you see here. I think it really shows my personality to a tea and with matching buttons, watermarks and a new signature. I am loving my new look! So thanks a bunch Michelle I am thrilled with what you've done *hugs*!!!

I feel all inspired and motivated (thank heavens) now and look forward to sharing more of my personal and professional creative journey! Well off to get some shut eye... Yawn!!!

Ps Ive also added a card tutorial and information for my upcoming classes click on the link above... below my header...


Tracey said...

I love your new look Jaz...got me thinking I may have to resurrect mine...Good to see you yesterday too!

Sarah Klass said...

Yep, looking awesome Jaz! Oh and I second the resurrection of your blog Trace :)

S x